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Dave Hahn: Incredible Performance on Everest's Everest correspondent set a record for US climbers with his ninth ascent, and then helped make a life saving technical rescue from high on the mountain. All this after he climbed Everest twice the previous puts Dave Hahn at the top of the game.

Red Rock Rendezvous 2007

By Gordy Skoog

A few days of music, climbing and learning new techniques from the
masters at Red Rocks National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Everest 2007: Photo Gallery

Part of the thrill of being on Everest is the unsurpassed scenery.

Everest 2007: Live on

By Dave Hahn - March 31st, 2007

Follow along daily as correspondent Dave Hahn of the 2007 IMG Everest Expedition treks to Mount Everest and reports on his summit attempt via the South Col route.

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Video: The Alps

MacGillivray Freeman Films comes up with the most exciting mountain IMAX film since Everest.

New Route on the North Face of the Grand

By Stephen Koch

Good ice conditions in the Tetons this winter enabled Stephen Koch and Hans Johnstone to put up a new route on the north face of the Grand Tetons.

On Top of the World

With his successful ascent of Annapurna on May 12, Ed Viesturs becomes the first North American to reach the top of all 14 8,000 meter peaks without supplemental oxygen.

Ed Viesturs' Himalayan Quest

Only 14 peaks reach above 8,000 meters (about 26,000 feet). For fifteen years, since his ascent of Kangchenjunga, they have been the focus of Ed Viesturs climbing efforts.

Viesturs Returns to Annapurna

Ed Viesturs announces his return for a third attempt on Annapurna this spring in his bid to become the first American to climb all fourteen 8,000-meter peaks.

Reflections on Everest

Ed Viesturs takes a moment to share some new photographs and reflect on his most recent ascent of Mount Everest--his sixth.

Viesturs Summits Everest a Sixth Time

In an exclusive interview with Ed Viesturs from the South Col, the climber describes his sixth successful ascent of Everest and says he will put off an attempt on Annapurna until 2005

Viesturs closes in on Annapurna

New daily updates: After acclimatizing on Cho Oyu, Ed Viesturs focuses on Annapurna and his 14th and final 8,000 meter summit

Two Times to the Top

By Dave Hahn

Mountain guide and correspondent Dave Hahn reflects on a rare guiding achievement: reaching the top of Mount Everest twice in five months, in spring and in fall.

Three Climbers Missing on Oregon's Mount Hood

Officials at Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest said that three climbers are currently missing.

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No Shortcuts to the Top

A conversation with Ed Viesturs, and an excerpt from his new book on
his ascent of the world's 14 highest peaks without supplemental oxygen.

Climbers Mourn Todd Skinner

By Matt Stanley

Noted big-wall climber and free-climbing pioneer Todd Skinner died Sunday while rapelling off a new route he was attempting on the Leaning Tower in Yosemite National Park.

Next Weekend: Devils Tower and Oregon's Big Dunes

By Jim Gorman

What to do for late summer: Surf a dune, huck a rapid, dive a wreck - action-pack your summer. A National Geographic Adventure article.

Death on Makalu

By David Roberts

The Tragic Final Climb of Jean-Christophe Lafaille, one of the world's greatest pure alpinists

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Mount Rainier Guide Monopoly to End

After more than 30 years of outright monopoly by RMI, Mount Rainier National Park has awarded two new guiding concessions to Alpine Ascents International and International Mountain Guides.

Reflections on Everest 2006

By Dave Hahn

Everest Correspondent Dave Hahn takes a moment to reflect on the Everest season just finished, and his own seventh successful trip to the top.

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