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Canoe Camping

By Beth Geiger

Plan, pack and paddle. A comprehensive guide to low impact camping and high paddling fun by Beth Geiger.

From Bow to Stern

By Beth Geiger

A canoe or kayak is a backpacker's dream: so much space for gear!

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Becoming a Surf Kayaker

By Ann Beman

Surf lingo--don't let the terminology stand between you and a great time out on the water. Learn how to play before you jump in.

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The Lewis and Clark Trail

By Bruce W. Smith

Like the Lewis and Clark expedition, we were explorers using the
shallow, rather slow-moving Missouri as our highway to the unknown. But
there the similarities stopped.

Hidden Gems of the Middle Fork

By Bill Bruchak

The first time I saw the Middle Fork Country in Central Idaho, I felt like it was going to swallow me up. Not in an intimidating way, but with that sense of becoming part of the country itself.

A Noncamper Conquers Canyonlands

By Karen Laski

Self-confessed non-camper Karen Laski spends 12 days in the wild and enjoys (almost) every minute of it.

Care & Maintenance of Your Body Parts

By Annie Getchell

Face plants, endos, whippers -- whatever your catastrophic deceleration of choice, it takes a toll on your body. Annie Getchell details the prevention and treatment of today's outdoor enthusiast.

Cascadia Marine Trail

By Joel Rogers

Joel Rogers explores more than 400 miles of watery landscape from the Canadian border to the Puget Sound.

A Paddler's Workout That Rocks

By Ann Beman

Who needs the gym? Now you can weight train on the road or near the river. It just takes a couple of rocks and the right moves.

Time to Hit the (Water) Trail

By Dennis Stuhaug

Granite islands of Maine, the easy flowing California River, Colorado whitewater, the Hudson River Gorge and Wisconsin's playful Wolf.

Planning Your Sea Kayaking Trip

By Ann Beman

Some quick guidelines for getting out on the water and having a good time.

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Getting the Angle on a Shorter Boat

By Dennis Stuhaug

Adjust your boat's relative length for a softer landing over ledges or surf.

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Whitewater Raft Trips:

By Ann Beman

"I am in need of a whitewater rafting trip suitable for a 41-year-old mother who acts 25, two athletic 12-year-old twin girls, and a husband who doesn't swim."

Running the Gauley River

By Christian Lowe

Paddlers love the Gauley for its difficulty and play. For expert paddlers, the classic class V upper section serves up a feast of big water heart-thumpers.

Fall Kayak Destinations in the Pacific Northwest

By Kaj Bune

The Pacific Northwest offers some of the finest kayaking destinations in the U.S. and fall is the perfect time to get out on the water.

Chasing the Moon to Cypress Island

By Dennis Stuhaug

A kayaker's paradise beckons from the vast and protected inland sea of Washington's San Juan Islands.

Eat, Drink and Feel Better

By Dennis Stuhaug

Trashed on the beach while your paddling friends are feeling great? They may not be Super Paddlers; you may have just forgotten the basics of fluids and foods.

Headwaters Institute

By Ann Beman

Learn more about the Headwaters Institute, a non-profit organization working toward bettering the education and communication between national river communities and the general public.

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Tuning Up for Spring

By Dennis Stuhaug

With just a little time on the floor instead of your couch you can ease back into shape for more fun on the water - and less chance of an injury.

Stretch Out

By Dennis Stuhaug

Gaining power and efficiency with each stroke: four easy stretches that help.

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