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Oh, Canada

By Jason Lathrop

It's vast, empty, and largely unspoiled. Why don't Americans give the Great White North the respect she deserves?


By Margaret Pinch

Retiring? A well-chosen, well-planned trip can become an invigorating blend of active adventure, culture and relaxation ... all the ingredients of serious fun during retirement.

Desert Palette

By Jack Dykinga

The Sonoran Desert - rich with color, light, and geological texture. Pulitzer-prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga shares images from the American Southwest.


By John & Lisa Merrill

A spicy photo tour of the some of the world's intriguing marketplaces.

Comet Hale-Bopp & the Saber

By Glenn Randall

Learn about this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity from an expert in outdoor photography.

Shooting Zion & Bryce

By Bob Krist

Traveling photographer Bob Krist tells you how to take pictures every bit as dazzling as America's Southwest.

Boot Fitting Guide

By Brian Hewitt

Here's the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect boot fit. Expert tips on fitting from heel to toe and making adjustments with lacing variations.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and... Kids

By Terry Munson

Traveling with kids is an ancient migratory malady as old as humanity. There isn't a sure cure, but anticipating challenges can diminish your domestic turbulence.

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Spiritual Adventures

By Jason Lathrop

Spiritual retreats are one way of leaving your culture for another.

Tips for a Successful Trip

By Tiffany Fischer

With a few helpful pointers, achieving a successful trip doesn't have to be next to impossible. Here are a few tips to get you started planning: where to go, when to go and what to pack.

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Peaks & Passes

By Charlie Fowler

Mountaineer-photographer, Charlie Fowler shares a breathtaking view of Cho Oyu and Shishapangma as his crew attempts to climb and ski some of the world's largest peaks.

Hand Language

By Jason Lathrop

If you're going to travel abroad, it helps to understand the implications of your gestures.

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Where Summer Survives and Winter Arrives

By Nancy Prichard

Don't get caught indoors. Explore a wealth of autumn hiking, trail running, and paddling destinations.

Avoiding Tropical Disease

By Jason Lathrop

Traveling off the beaten track? Learn how to avoid that little annoyance that could send you home in big trouble.

Changing Seasons

By Ralph Lee Hopkins

The late summer sun and early autumn chill set the Colorado aspens ablaze in a dazzling show of colors. Join photographer Ralph Hopkins as he follows the changing light and changing colors from summer to fall.

Capturing the Moment

By Jeff Rennicke

You too can keep a journal: Writer Jeff Rennicke's step- by- step guide to writing down your wilderness adventures.

Dance of the Close-Up

By Nevada Wier

Learn the delicate art of cross- cultural portraiture from renowned photographer Nevada Wier.

Trail Mixing

By Dennis Lewon

Multisport: the smorgasboard approach to adventure travel. Dennis Lewon explains.

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