Camping and Hiking, How To's

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Camp Coffee Throwdown

By Jessica Drollette

Come along as's resident coffee expert offers advice on five great ways to make camp coffee: two gear-intensive ways for car camping, two lightweight methods for backpacking, and one new favorite that utilizes an all new product.

GPS Navigation in the Wilds: Getting Started

Experts from Magellan accompany editor Peter Potterfield on a series of hikes in Utah's Arches National Park to demonstrate the benefits of using handheld GPS devices like the new eXplorist 310 to navigate in the wilds--and to show how easy it is to get started.

Staff’s Favorite Gear of 2008

By Staff staff members spend as much time in the out of doors as possible, so they take their outdoor equipment seriously. Here are a few favorite pieces of gear that served us well this year, from the Chilkoot Pass in Alaska  and the Beartooths of Montana to the Haute Route in the Alps.

The Challenge of Orienteering

By Dougald MacDonald

Welcome to the confounding and addictive world of competitive orienteering, a blend of cross-country running and navigation, with brains and woods sense counting more than brawn.

Canoe Camping

By Beth Geiger

Plan, pack and paddle. A comprehensive guide to low impact camping and high paddling fun by Beth Geiger.

Get Your Gear In Gear

By Kristi Streiffert

Kristi Streiffert shows how a little prep work now spares you the aggravation of last minute repairs...

A Noncamper Conquers Canyonlands

By Karen Laski

Self-confessed non-camper Karen Laski spends 12 days in the wild and enjoys (almost) every minute of it.


By Margaret Pinch

Retiring? A well-chosen, well-planned trip can become an invigorating blend of active adventure, culture and relaxation ... all the ingredients of serious fun during retirement.

Introduction to Mountaineering

By Chris Chesak

Taking your first steps towards stepping up high...

Medical Tips

By Dr. Jack Ellis

Before you go! Medical know-how for the outdoors.

Finding a Home in the Woods

By Doug Gantenbein

When backpacking, a valuable skill is discovering the campsite that's off the beaten path.

Backcountry Hiking Safety

By Dan Smuts

What you need to know about traveling safe in the backcountry. The 10 essentials and beyond.

Boot Fitting Guide

By Brian Hewitt

Here's the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect boot fit. Expert tips on fitting from heel to toe and making adjustments with lacing variations.

Take it Easy, Take a Hike

By Murray Selleck

The beauty of day hiking is in its simplicity. You don?t need a ton of equipment, years of experience or hours of prep time. At a mimimum, it?s just you and your legs and a path to walk on.

Building a Snowcave

By Murray Selleck

Learn how to build a snowcave and be prepared for that planned or unplanned night out in the winter backcountry.

Leave No Trace

By Murray Selleck

Be responsible in the outdoors! Practice proper outdoor etiquette wherever you go.

Winter Camping Survival

By Dan Smuts

Make yourself comfortable while traveling and camping in snow country.

Four Days, Three Nights, and a Hundred Inches

By Jason Lathrop

Witness the Golden Age of snowshoeing, where winter adventure happily collides with comfortable resort escapes designed for the entire family.

Where Summer Survives and Winter Arrives

By Nancy Prichard

Don't get caught indoors. Explore a wealth of autumn hiking, trail running, and paddling destinations.

Little Extras for Your Camping Trips

By Melissa Miller

A few accessories from home make camping more comfortable.

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