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Best but most challenging day so far

By Ed Viesturs - May 2nd, 2008

Via Satellite Phone - LISTEN IN!

Hi everyone, it's Ed Viesturs calling, May 2nd, about 8 p.m. We had a pretty cool day today, we went about 11 miles, it was one of the most interesting and also the most challenging days, on one of the sections we had to negotiate through a very narrow chute or gully where the stream or river carved it's way through some rocks and some boulders and we had what we called technical sled pulling, one person in front pulling and one person behind pushing. We made it through that bottleneck, we actually had a couple, and then we broke out into some wide open terrain, to some lakes that we're on now, and we're kind of swinging around, getting close to  our farthest  and halfway point, we are about 50 miles into our journey, and we're  right now camped in a very spectacular  place, we're camped right on a frozen lake and right outside our door, about a quarter mile away is an icefall from a glacier that's spilling off of an ice cap directly in front of us. In the midst of this frozen lakes are frozen icebergs that we figure in the summer calve off  from the ice fall and bob around in the lake and in the winter they get frozen in. So we're camped here on the lake right next to an iceberg, which is a very rare experience, I don't think a lot of people   find themselves on lakes with icebergs in them. Every time we turn a corner we get new and spectacular views. There are huge wall towering above us. Tomorrow we're going to descend on this glacier lake to another long lake, and then we'll hopefully cross over a glacier that has spilled onto the lake for about five miles, and that we figure that will be the crux of our trip. Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow, after eight or ten miles of journey, we'll be up and over that glacier and be rounding the corner and starting to head downstream on a new river system called the Salmon River. Great day, it was really hard, good weather again, clear and sunny skies, a little bit too hot in places without a wind. But we're quite happy  It's been a great journey up to this point., and tomorrow looks to be another exciting day. Thanks for checking in. Ed Viesturs and John Stetson signing out.


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