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Everest 2008 Home

The IMG Everest Expedition Team Roster

Meet the Climbers of the 2008 International Mountain Guides Expedition
By GreatOutdoors Staff - April 9th, 2008

Expedition Leadership:

Eric Simonson IMG Director
Mark Tucker Expedition Leader
Ang Jangbu Sherpa Expedition Leader
Lobsang Sherpa
Dave Hahn 9-time Summiter, Correspondent and Guide
Ang Passang (Pangboche) Sirdar
Pemba Tshering Head Cook


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Guides and Clients

Dave Hahn climbing with Nicloe Messner and Greg Messner

Michael Hamill climbing with Uy-Cheng Kuo

Justin Merle climbing with Dean Smith and Jaroslaw Hawrylewicz

Kurt Wedberg climbing with Michael Andrews

Ryan Campbell climbing with Rohan Freeman and Serge Massad

Casey Grom climbing with Bob Pospischil and Ari Peress



Non Guided Everest Climbers with Personal Sherpas:

Tim Warren with Phinjo Sherpa
Jim Harter with Danuru Sherpa
George Shaw with Dawa Danuru Sherpa
Robert Lowry with Karma Rita Sherpa
Joe Yannuzzi with Mingma Chhiring Sherpa
Valerie Hovland with Phunuru Sherpa
Monty Smith with Passang Rinji Sherpa
Vance Cook with Pemba Dorjee Sherpa
Ciprian Popoviciu with Jamling Bhote Sherpa
Scott Parazynski with Kami Sherpa
Adam Janikowski with Ang Namjya Sherpa

Base Camp Trekkers and Lobouche Peak Climbers

Roberta Garrison
Kevin Garrison
Kathryn Swetnam
James Swetnam
Gary Mohr
William Chiu
Marlin Kipp
Ellen Parker
Raymond Kozloski
Benjamin Anderson
Timothy Moore
Keith Cowing
Roger Burleigh
Sara Bergthoff
Dagny Veitch
Mary Robins
Mark Littman
Dennis Riley
Katie Grange (with Hahn Group)
Andrea Cutter (with Hahn Group)
Mike Daniels (with Hahn Group)

Sherpa Support Staff & Cooks

Ang Passang (Pangboche)
Climbing Sirdar
Mingma Tenzing
Mingma Dorje (Phortse)
Tshewang Lhendu (Phortse)
Nima Nuru (Pangboche)
Karma Serki (Phortse)

Sanduk Dorje (Pangboche)
Phur Temba (Phortse)
Dawa Nuru (Thame)
Pasang Nuru (Phortse)
Kancha Nuru (Phortse)
Ang Nima (Khumjung)
Nima Tamang (Pangboche)
Arita (Thame)
Ang Karma (Phortse)
Karma Dorje (Phortse)
Tseten Dorje (Pangboche)
Kancha Nuru (Pangboche)
Phurba Ongel (Pangboche)
Kalden Phura (Pangboche)
Dawa Tenzing (Phortse)
Tshering Wangchu (Khumjung)

Pasang (Thamo)
Nima Ongchu (Phortse)
Mingma Ongel (Phortse)
Nima Karma (Phortse)
Phinjo Dorje (Pangboche)
Ang Tshering (Phortse)
Gyalzen Dorje (Phortse)

Base Camp Kitchen Staff
Kaji, Member head cook
Dhan Sher, Member cook
Ang Tshering, Sherpa cook
Shyam Pun, Member assist
Jor Bahadur, Member assist
Shyam Pun, Sherpa assist
Nima Sona (Phortse), Sherpa assist

Camp 2 Cooks
Bale Magar, Cook
Ang Sona (Pangboche), Assist
Pema Sherpa, Assist


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