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Ed Viesturs Calls From Camp III

By Ed Viesturs - May 16th, 2009 8:14 am GMT -0700

Via Satellite Phone - LISTEN IN!

Hi everyone, it’s Ed Viesturs calling twelve o’clock in the afternoon on May 16. I’m sitting here at Camp III, 23,700 feet, kind of a veranda you might say, just a big ledge chopped in the Lhotse Face. It’s a beautiful calm day right now, we left Camp II and seven o’clock this morning it was windy up high, little windy on the Lhotse Face, but we took our chances and we thought, you know what, we need to hit that calm weather window we are aiming for on the 18. So as we climbed higher during the day, early morning, around 9 - 9:30 the winds started to die on the Lhotse Face. It became very warm, very pleasant. It took me abut four and half hours to get here I’m sitting here waiting for the rest of the team, they are working their way up.

Unfortunately, Melissa Arnot had to turn around shortly after leaving Camp II, she has some sort of stomach problem, little bit of vomiting, not sure what it was, her plan is to recover, go down and then wait and climb with Dave Hahn’s group in about a week or so. Five of us should be here shortly, Peter Whittaker and the rest of us. We are going to settle in and hopefully tomorrow make our way to Camp IV.

We are still encouraged by the weather. It’s breezy up high, on the summit right now, I’m looking at it, but not as horrendous as it could be. So everything is well, everything is good and we’re on our way. So thanks for checking in and I’ll report again tomorrow hopefully from Camp IV. This is Ed Viesturs signing out from Camp III on Mount Everest.

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Just Good Wishes for all...

to all that are climbing, just be safe...

Posted on May 16, 2009 - 10:04am
by Rebecca Fountain

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