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Dave Hahn attempts his twelfth successful summit while guiding Leif Whittaker via the South Col route.
By Staff - April 5th, 2010

 Join us on for the seventh straight year of live Everest coverage. For 2010, guide and climber Dave Hahn will attempt his 12th successful summit of the world’s highest mountain. This year, there is added interest. Dave’s client will be Leif Whittaker, the 25 year old son of Big Jim Whittaker, who became the first American to climb Everest in 1963. With the aid of Hahn, one of the most respected climbing guides in the world today, Leif Whittaker will attempt to follow in his father’s footsteps as he attempts the classic South Col Route. With Hahn and Whittaker will be famed high-altitude film maker, Michael Brown, who will film a documentary of the expedition.

Dave Hahn will report in daily via satellite telephone to keep users up to date on the events of the expedition. Hahn, who has served as the Everest correspondent for six of the past seven years, offers a rare perspective: that of a climber who has reached the summit no less than 11 times, more than any other non-Sherpa climber. What is it that keeps him coming back year after year?
In his own words, Hahn told “So what would make me interested in a sixteenth 10-week-long Everest Expedition? Why risk my life… my limbs… my reputation… and my brain cells one more time? In truth, there isn’t so much more to prove… except everything. The mountain remains famously unimpressed with my resume. High altitude guiding is my chosen profession and practicing it well is not a one-time-only thing… or a fifteen-time-only thing.”
“I’m still captivated,” Hahn continued, “by the mountain itself and by it’s history… so a chance at helping to focus a spotlight on some of that history is a big plus for me. So is a chance to work on a small and focused team with a high ratio of experienced climbers to less-experienced ones. Chuck in the added bonus that I like my teammates and have known most of them for years… and I’m totally on board. Mount Everest here we come. Stay tuned, I’ll relay the good bits on a daily basis to”
Hahn will serve as the climbing leader for the Rainier Mountaineering Inc. 2010 Mount Everest Team, and will mark his 24th year of climbing and guiding for RMI. Hahn has led trips to Denali, Antarctica’s Vinson, to Everest, and has more than 250 ascents of Mount Rainier, RMI’s home turf. He’ll be climbing with other RMI guides, including Seth Waterfall, with whom Hahn summated Everest last year, Casey Grom, a two time Everest summiter, and Chad Peal. Long time Everest Base Camp manager Mark Tucker will once again be running the show there.
So stay tuned for an exciting Everest season as Dave Hahn reports in daily as he and Leif Whittaker attempt to repeats Big Jim Whittaker’s feat of 37 years ago, and film maker Michael Brown captures the event on video.



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