Fly Fishing

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Adventures In Haida Gwaii

The salmon fishing is called the best in the world here in Canada's most out there chain of islands, but there's much more. There's hiking to ancient Haida villages, standing totem poles a hundred years old, humpback whales blowing and breaching, and eagles snatching fish from the Pacific just yards from the boat. Magical Haida Gwaii is a place emphatically on the edge of things.

Yellowstone Country and Its Guest Ranches

Guest ranches, or dude ranches, have have a long tradition in Montana

The Lewis and Clark Trail

By Bruce W. Smith

Like the Lewis and Clark expedition, we were explorers using the
shallow, rather slow-moving Missouri as our highway to the unknown. But
there the similarities stopped.

Five Spring Escapes

By Elena Moon

Winter skies got you down? Try a little armchair casting for some warm weather escapes when spring rolls around.

East of the Rainforest

By Ann McIntosh & David Nolte

Fishing Oregon's Dechutes, Crooked and Metolius Rivers.

Hidden Gems of the Middle Fork

By Bill Bruchak

The first time I saw the Middle Fork Country in Central Idaho, I felt like it was going to swallow me up. Not in an intimidating way, but with that sense of becoming part of the country itself.

Boot Fitting Guide

By Brian Hewitt

Here's the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect boot fit. Expert tips on fitting from heel to toe and making adjustments with lacing variations.

Shooting Line: How to Be a Straight Shooter

By Jason Borger

Getting that line out. It's all about timing, handling, and positioning

Choosing and Using Fly Characteristics

By Jason Borger

Buying or tying for yourself or for the fish? Size, shape, color and behavior will make all the difference in your selection process.

Avoid the 'Dork Goes Fly Fishing' Label

By Deanna Burkholm

Get a grip, know your reel, string your rod, and tie up a Bimini Twist. An angler's guide to looking good on the river.

Fishing Snell's Window

By Jason Borger

Warning: Fish in Snells Window are closer than they appear.

Operate Smoothly With the Surgeon's Knot

By Jason Borger

Three variations of the Surgeon's Knot and how fly fishers use them.

Leader Basics

By Jason Borger

Learn the three characteristics that influence leader performance.

Double Hauling

By Jason Borger

Looking for longer casts, better delivery of big flies, and less casting-arm fatigue? It's all in the wrist!

Hike-In Fishing

By Elena Moon

Leave car-bound anglers in the dust and catch some peace and quiet.

Wading Trails

By Elena Moon

There's nothing quite like the feel of currents wrapping around the legs and the rush of water in the ears to bring a sense of connection to the river.

Three Fishing Lies You Can Use

By Jason Borger

An understanding of feeding, sheltering, and prime lies is essential to fly fishing success.

Swingin' Soft-Hackles

By Elena Moon

Have you forgotten that they exist, and how to use them? Give the tried-and-true soft-hackle a chance during this summer

Striking a Fish

By Jason Borger

One of the most crucial moments during the fight, the strike can determine whether things will continue in your favor.

Spring Tuning: Casting

By Jason Borger

After a winter of fly-fishing inactivity, casting is often at less-than-optimal levels, which can make for some frustrating early-season days.

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