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Bend's Pole Pedal Paddle Prepares for Yet Another Appearance

By Serena Bishop

Pole, Peddle, Paddle, the iconic adventure race held at Bend, in Central Oregon, prepares for it's 2009 running.

2008 Pole Pedal Paddle Preview

By Cody Wickersham

Live coverage on Saturday, May 17: The 2008 U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle, Central Oregon's premiere multi-sport adventure race, with relay legs in six different outdoor sports, will happen on Saturday. Follow the action live only on, as our team of crack correspondents follow the action leg by leg.

Rowing: The other paddle sport

By Joel Rogers

Rowing may be the fastest growing paddle sport in North America, stealthily increasing in popularity as it offers a sense of adventure with a healthy dose of fitness.

Hydration in Winter

By Kaj Bune

A few tips on keeping hydrated while playing outdoors in the winter.

Eat to Ride

By Miranda Yeary

What to eat to keep you going on the slopes, the trail or the mountain.

Beyond Macaroni & Cheese

By Annie Getchell

Look into the pantry of backcountry gourmet Annie Getchell for ideas to spark up camping cuisine.

Drop & Give Me 20: Fitness Boot Camps

By Steve Edwards

Voluntary torture or a fun way to get in shape? Steve Edwards enlists.

Care & Maintenance of Your Body Parts

By Annie Getchell

Face plants, endos, whippers -- whatever your catastrophic deceleration of choice, it takes a toll on your body. Annie Getchell details the prevention and treatment of today's outdoor enthusiast.

Avoiding Big Red

By Doug Gantenbein

The lowdown on sunscreen. Don't leave home without it.

A Paddler's Workout That Rocks

By Ann Beman

Who needs the gym? Now you can weight train on the road or near the river. It just takes a couple of rocks and the right moves.

Understanding Heat Exhaustion

By Jason Lathrop

There's few things as intoxicating as the desert sun. There's also few things as deadly.

Eat, Drink and Feel Better

By Dennis Stuhaug

Trashed on the beach while your paddling friends are feeling great? They may not be Super Paddlers; you may have just forgotten the basics of fluids and foods.

Dogged By Dehydration

By Nancy Prichard

Thirst quenchers - To drink or not to drink, that is the question.

Stair Climb to Winter Fitness

By Kaj Bune

Although the scenery isn't as good as the real thing, your fitness will be for real.

Winter Warm-up

By Kaj Bune

Warm up and stretch out before and after your snow rides to prevent stress and strain on those muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Bigfoot Sighting

By Jason Lathrop

A drop-out of the corporate world, Dave 'Bigfoot' Felkley, Colorado's snowshoe guru, advocates a simple life and a winter walk (or run) in the woods.

The Coach's Corner

By Steve Edwards

What is fitness? Are you fit? What is the best way to become fit?

The Ali Shuffle

By Steve Edwards

If you could choose one exercise, what should it be?

Phase Training

By Steve Edwards

Conditioning through phase training--what do the phases do for you.

Good Day Sunshine

By Steve Edwards

Sun Salutations - a meditative, morning ritual.

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