Adventures at the Bobbie Burns Lodge

Canadian Mountain Holidays, famous for its heli ski trips in British Columbia, offers adventures like hiking and climbing in summer
By Deborah Harrington - August 22nd, 2013

Summer adventures out of the Bobbie Burns Lodge in British Columbia cover the gamut, from hiking flower filled meadows to scrambling up 9,000 foot mountains, and even traversing "via ferrata" routes. Perhaps most exciting of all, the Bobbie Burns' signature via ferattas--the Mount Nimbus and the Conrad Glacier--are two of the finest in North America. These engineered routes offer a  chance to test one's mettle on scary suspension bridges, steep ascents, and unnerving cable water crossings just above the roaring river. Whether it's adrenaline-rush fun or hiking through the aggressively alpine wilderness around the lodge, your desires are aided and abetted by the big Bell 212 helicopter. The machine becomes your flying carpet, whisking you up to Grizzly Ridge, or over to Mount Nimbus--or back to the lodge for a massage. See the Canadian Mountain Holidays website for information on the lodge and it's summer adventures.


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