An Iceland Grand Tour

Photographer Adam Jaquette show us the wild side to Iceland
By Adam Jaquette - December 13th, 2011

Photographer Adam Jaquette shows us the wild side to Iceland in this collection of images. "What struck me about Iceland ," he said, "was the stark beauty of the country and the diversity of the countryside.  Over the course of one day, we hiked with puffins on the sea cliffs, walked beaches littered with ice, and explored waterfalls in lush, green hills.  Iceland is a place where nature still rules and visitors must respect it."
Jaquette is a professional author and educator who spends much of his time traveling the globe. He has traveled and photographed extensively through Asia, Europe, and North America, specializing in hiking and scuba diving. His photographs have appeared in numerous publications.
"When capturing my images, " Jaquette said, "I look to find the feel and mood of a particular landscape.  I look to sum up the real experience in one frame in a way which beckons others to want to visit.  When trying to capture wildlife, I try to focus on the animal's face.  Our eyes are drawn to faces and it is how we relate to these wild animals in human terms."


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