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Ed Viesturs and John Stetson Head for the Arctic

High altitude climber Ed Viesturs and renowned Arctic explorer and dog musher John Stetson will cover 150 miles in Northern Baffin Island - Follow along lilve!
By Peter Potterfield - April 7th, 2008

Editor's Note: 

Follow the action live on as Ed Viesturs calls in daily from the Canadian Arctic to provide updates on their progress in one of the most remote regions of the Canadian Arctic. Dispatches begin April 20. June 5 update: Check out the new images below from Ed Viesturs, documenting his journey across the ice with John Stetson, and see the final batch of photos.


Read and Hear Daily Dispatches via Satellite Telephone


Ed Viesturs, the first U.S. mountaineer to climb all of the world's 8,000 meter peaks without oxygen, and renowned Arctic explorer and dog musher John Stetson, will cover 150 miles in Northern Baffin Island to prepare for a polar journey later. Viesturs is better known as one of America's best high altitude climbers (read more about Ed Viesturs on while Stetson has made epic journeys in polar regions.


On April 25, 2008 Viesturs and John Stetson will travel to the Canadian Arctic to mount a sledge hauling, ski journey of approximately 150 miles through one of the most beautiful and pristine areas of Northern Baffin Island. The theme for this expedition is Healthy Planet= Healthy People.


The objective of the 2008 Viesturs-Stetson Canadian Arctic Expedition is twofold. First to utilize and familiarize themselves with the equipment, systems and strategy necessary for a possible future ski journey to the South Pole. An unsupported journey to the South Pole from the coast of Antarctica entails some 600 miles of travel and meticulous attention to detail as far as planning and preparation. The Canadian Arctic expedition would serve well as a shakedown for the longer Southern trip. The second objective is to showcase the effects of climate change already occurring in the Arctic regions. This would be highlighted by talking with the resident population of Inuit in the community of Pond Inlet and getting firsthand information from them about what changes they have seen and how they are adjusting, not only their lifestyles but also their subsistence hunting strategies.


The expedition should last for approximately 20 days and Viesturs and Stetson plan to make daily progress reports via satellite telephone. Check right here on for daily dispatches.


Ed Viesturs sponsors and partners include Timberland, Rolex, Smartwool, Adventure Medical Kits, Grandoe Gloves, SOLE Custom foot beds and Talus Outdoor Technologies. Additional product support from MSR, Julbo, CAMP, DeLorme GPS, Acer Personal Locator Becons and Forty Below.



Ed and John,
Best wishes on your upcoming expedition to bring more public attention to our fragile planet.
I'll be interested in learning what you are eating to sustain body energy yet keeping your sledge weights manageable during the early portion of the expedition.
Art Huseonica
Maryland, USA

Posted on April 19, 2008 - 6:37pm
by Art Huseonica

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