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Fall Trail Races for Beginners

By Adam W. Chase - June 18th, 2002

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**This article contains items that are out of date, however, it does provide emails and event names that may be useful for additional research on the topic**


Elk Meadow 5.6-Mile Trail Run: September 9, 2000; Evergreen, CO; 9 a.m. start. Contact Sharon Martin at 303-674-6441.

Race Against Tobacco: 10-mile run; September 9, 2000; Marquette, MI; 6 a.m. start. Contact Jim Harrington at 906-475-7848, or

Helvetia Mountain Trail Run: 10-kilometer run; September 10, 2000; Helvetia, WV; 9 a.m. start. Contact Jo Lehmann at 304-924-5835,or

Harry Murphy XC: 5 kilometers; September 10, 2000; Bronx, NY. Contact the New York Road Runners Club at 212-860-4455, or e-mail

John Colter Run: 7-mile run; September 16, 2000; Bozeman, MT. Contact Brian Mastel at 406-587-4415, or

Horsethief Canyon Trail Run: 6.5-mile run; September 16, 2000; Horsethief, KS. Contact Phil Sheridan at 785-472-5454.

Sandilands Trail Run: 10-mile run; September 16, 2000; Manitoba, Canada; 10 a.m. start. Contact Brian Warkentin at 204-326-3432, or

Pacific Crest Trail Races: 12-kilometer race; September 16, 2000; Squaw Valley, CA; 8 a.m. start. Contact Sky High at 510-223-5778.

ElephantÕs Perch Fox Creek Fun Run: 10-kilometer run; September 16, 2000; Ketchum, ID; 10 a.m. start. Contact Bob Rosso at 208-726-3497, or e-mail

Trail and Tails: 5- or 10-kilometer runs; September 17, 2000; Spooner Lake, NV; 10:30 a.m. start. Contact Trails and Tails at 530-542-3424.

Pisgah Mountain: 13.1-mile run; September 17, 2000; Chesterfield, NH; 8:45 a.m. start. Contact Mike and Sue Watson at 603-256-8540, or e-mail

DeWitt Trail: 5-kilometer run; September 17, 2000; DeWitt, MI. Contact Rita Wieber at 517-669-8102, or

Mount Helena: 5.6-mile run; September 23, 2000; Helena, MT; 10 a.m. start. Contact Martin Miller at 406-443-1343, or

Pfalz Point Trail Challenge: 12-mile run; September 24, 2000; New Pfalz, NY; 9:15 a.m. start. Contact Steve Axelson at 914-255-8200.

DSE San Bruno Mtn. Races: 13.1-mile run; September 24, 2000; Daly City, CA; 8:30 a.m. start. Contact Kevin Lee at 510-843-2430.

Conestoga Trail Run: 10-mile run; September 24, 2000; Holtwood, PA; 10 a.m. start. Contact Bill Smith at 717-394-7812, or


AlzheimerÕs Cross Country Race: 5-kilometer run; October 1, 2000; New Haven, CT; 10:40 a.m. start. Contact AlzheimerÕs Association at 203-481-5933, or e-mail

Break a Leg Trail Run: 5.6-mile run; October 1, 2000; Stoneham, MA; 3 p.m. start. Contact Paul Collyer at 617-354-3534, or e-mail


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