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Snowboarding Glossary

By Staff - April 23rd, 2004

Big Air: Getting "big air" is when the snowboarder rushes up the side of a halfpipe, flipping the board into the air as high as it will go and coming down for a smooth landing, only to try again on the other side of the pipe.

Boarder Cross Racing: Boarder cross racing consist of six snowboarders racing simultaneously over an obstacle course. Speed, accuracy and style determine the winners.

Bonk: Bouncing off an object such as a rock, a tree, or a stump.

Eat: Wiping out.

Fakie: Pointing the board's tail end downhill.

Goofy Foot: Riding with the right foot forward on the snowboard.

Halfpipe: A channel constructed in the snow, which resembles a pipe cut longitudinally. Halfpipes, or pipes, have consistent walls on both sides and are 75 to 300 feet long with 6 to 12 foot walls.

Hit or Kicker: A raised area with an abrupt lip from which snowboarders jump to get airborne.

Lip: The top edge of a halfpipe wall.

Log and Rail Slides: Long cylinders above the snow which snowboarders use as a surface. Slides are constructed of logs, telephone poles, plastic or other materials.

Quarterpipe: A channel with only one wall

Regular Foot: Riding with the left foot forward on the snowboard.

Ride: To snowboard.

Snake Run: A series of berms or banks which range 3 to 6 feet.

Stick: Same as 'sled,' which is another word for snowboard.

Tabletop: A mound of snow with the top sheared off to provide a flat, level landing area for snowboarders.

Whale, Whale Tail, Whoop De Doo: A consistent grouping of elongated bumps each ranging from 2 to 5 feet high and 7 to 10 feet long, from which snowboarders jump.


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