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Sierra: The Range of Light

By James Martin

Come along as gives you a sneak peak at photographer James Martin’s images from his iconic book, Sierra: Notes and Images from the Range of Light. The Mountaineers Books is reprinting the classic volume, Martin's stunning work in photographs and words that describes his extensive experience in California's Sierra Nevada.


Yosemite Grand Traverse

Come along as joins forces with Columbia and Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides for an epic seven-day trek through the Sierra to try out the latest and greatest gear for 2010. Sixty miles on the Yosemite Grand Traverse proves a great experience and the ultimate gear test. 

Across the Alps on Skis

By Staff

Across the Alps on skis and other adventure blogs by staffers. Come along with mountain skier and climber Gordy Skoog on his “Tale of Two Haute Routes,” and yet another first ascent for him in the North Cascades. The people who work here take the outdoors seriously, so check out the blog section for more, including Mike Rougeux’s Climbing on California’s Lost Coast and Peter Potterfield’s hiking odyssey in New Zealand.

Next Weekend: Devils Tower and Oregon's Big Dunes

By Jim Gorman

What to do for late summer: Surf a dune, huck a rapid, dive a wreck - action-pack your summer. A National Geographic Adventure article.

American Wilds: The Otter Limits

By James Vlahos

Northern California's cushiest kayaking clinic, Otter Bar Lodge, is where aspiring paddlers go to get schooled. A National Geographic Adventure Article.

Two-Day Triumph

By Jim Gorman

Rafting Cali's best white water, biking among bison, and eight other ways to make a weekend less ordinary.

Trans-Sierra Snowshoe Trek

By Cameron Martindell

On a classic High Sierra ski route a group of adventurers prove that snowshoes offer a viable way to cross the range.

Hill Climbs

By Erik Scmidt

Want to be King of the Mountains? Test your mettle against the 'baddest' hill climbs in America.

Kamikaze, Mammoth Mountain

By David Nelson

Mammoth Mountain near Bishop, California, is one of the oldest destination mountain biking areas in the nation, and the Kamikaze is a meteoric plummet off the top of the mountain.

Beachcombing at Goleta Point

By Cathy Philipp

Goleta Point, west of Santa Barbara, offers six miles of diverse coastal ecosystem, including sandy beaches, dunes, and nutrient-rich sloughs.

Time to Hit the (Water) Trail

By Dennis Stuhaug

Granite islands of Maine, the easy flowing California River, Colorado whitewater, the Hudson River Gorge and Wisconsin's playful Wolf.

Blackberry Spring Trail

By Cathy Philipp

This short, easy family hike includes water, wildlife, and fishing near a picturesque camground and picnic area in California.

Joshua Tree National Monument

By Nancy Prichard

A favorite climbing destination worldwide, Joshua Tree offers classic routes for moderate to experienced climbers.

Explore White Point Tidepools

By Cathy Philipp

White Point is home to some of the most diverse and easily accessible tidepools in Southern California.

Bay Area Trail Running

By Steve Edwards

The San Francisco Bay Area offers some of the finest trail running imaginable. Here is a list of five of the Bay

Family Resorts for Winter Adventure

By Jason Lathrop

Destination resorts around the country that cater to family winter adventures: from snowshoeing to sleigh riding; from skiing to skating.

Paddling, Pedaling, and Plotting

By Ann Beman

For women only, GIRLteams Adventure training is a three-day camp designed to provide education in
outdoor skills in a non-competitive environment.

Four Women and the California Coast

By Colleen Swift

Leaving L.A.--a six-day bike trip up the coast to San Fransisco.

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

By George Stocking

California sojourn: a face-to-face rendezvous with the oldest living thing on the planet -- the bristlecone pine.

Point Mugu State Park

By Cathy Philipp

For an ultimate off-road experience, try the 35 trails covering 15,000 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains.

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