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Video: Tree Skiing with Andrew McLean

Come along for the ride as Andrew McLean gets in a little low-elevation tree skiing in the Cariboo Range of British Columbia.

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Video: Adrenalin Rush

Getting around in British Columbia's remote Cariboo Range on Canadian Mountain Holidays helicopters.

Skiing the Cariboos by Helicopter

By Andrew McLean

British Columbia's remote Carriboo mountains are situated just right to catch the snow storms streaming in from the coast, and the CMH helicopters make it possible to ski.

In Memoriam - Carl Skoog

A tribute from his brothers Lowell and Gordy and from his friends in the outdoors including Andrew McLean and Gary Brill. Includes a selection of captivating images by Carl Skoog.

Banff 2005 Photography Winners

The 2005 Banff Mountain Festivals wrapped up with a display of the winning images from the Banff Mountain Photography Competition.

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Video: Sinners

Combining the recorded wisdom of 100-year-old physicist A. J. Snow with three years of filmmaking in deep British Columbia powder, Sinners is an inspirational film unlike anything you've ever seen - which is why it won the Banff Film Festival.

Powder Perfect

By Kari Bodnarchuk

The Interconnect Adventure Tour is a backcountry ski outing that connects six of Utah's most famous ski resorts in a single day

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Video: Snow-Kiting: The New Extreme Sport

If you're tired of lift tickets, just launch into the next evolution of wind sports, where human-scale kites take you to places even angels fear to tread.

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Video: Spirit of Snow

A soulful and enlightening glimpse into backcountry skiing, 'Spirit of Snow' takes us on a journey of skiing's roots.

Girls' Getaway

By Kari Bodnarchuk

Three women on vacation find winter sports Nirvana in the Canadian Rockies during a week filled with skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, dog sledding and high living.

'Tis the Season

Whether you're in to big air, deep powder, graceful boarding, the zen
of kick and glide or the aerobic high of skate skiing, 'tis the season
to get jazzed.

Andrew McLean

With a passion for steep, technical descents, Andrew McLean has pushed the envelope of extreme technical skiing and gear development.

First American World Cup Champion in 21 Years

Silver medal-winning skier Bode Miller became the first American to win a World Cup ski championship since Phil Mahre took top honors more than two decades ago, but the New Englander could not catch Hermanm Maier for the overall title.

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This is Skiing

By Lito Tejada-Flores

The dance of fear and desire. The duel of friction and gravity. The deadlock of speed and security. The first moments of the first morning of the first run. The blind boogie of bumps. The run that never ends. This IS skiing.

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Care & Maintenance of Your Body Parts

By Annie Getchell

Face plants, endos, whippers -- whatever your catastrophic deceleration of choice, it takes a toll on your body. Annie Getchell details the prevention and treatment of today's outdoor enthusiast.

Summer Skiing

By Murray Selleck

Skiing the high routes of summer snow is all based on good timing, so forget sleeping in.

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Ski Boots: Getting a Kick Start to the Slopes

By Visitor

Here's a detailed guide to selecting the right ski boot for your skill level and skiing style.

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Top Ten in Washington

Here's your tick list of pristine slopes, plenty of powder, a dearth of people, and some very fine rides.

Top Ten in Colorado

By Elizabeth Covington

We dare you to top this list of 10 Colorado ski descents. From classics routes to expert runs to easy days, you'll want to try them all.

Stair Climb to Winter Fitness

By Kaj Bune

Although the scenery isn't as good as the real thing, your fitness will be for real.

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