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The Magic of Splitboarding

With a little special gear and some uphill work, snowboarders can enjoy untracked backcountry powder just like a traditional skier with AT gear

Snowboard Boots: Your Ticket To Ride

By Visitor

Finding the right snowboard boot for your skill level is a matter of balancing performance with comfort. Here are some guidelines to get you outfitted.

Snowboarding Glossary

By Staff

Whale Tale, Whoop de Doo, Goofy Foot, Snake Run? Not new hip hop dances--just the lingo of snowboarders carving up the slopes.

This is Skiing

By Lito Tejada-Flores

The dance of fear and desire. The duel of friction and gravity. The deadlock of speed and security. The first moments of the first morning of the first run. The blind boogie of bumps. The run that never ends. This IS skiing.

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Grays on Trays

By Doug Taylor

Be adventurous, be bold, be outrageous. Grab a single plank and follow your kids to the slopes. You won't be disappointed.

Going Outside with Old Man Winter

By Jason Lathrop

Snowshoe, ski or sled with warmth and confidence this winter.

Avalanche Safety: Don't fall prey to a slide.

By Kaj Bune

When it comes to avalanche safety, you can't know too much. Learn how to determine if a slope is safe to ski or climb before you go out.

Avalanche Safety

By Miranda Yeary

Some rules of thumb for assessing avalanche danger. Go out prepared.

Summer Skiing

By Murray Selleck

Skiing the high routes of summer snow is all based on good timing, so forget sleeping in.

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Ski Boots: Getting a Kick Start to the Slopes

By Visitor

Here's a detailed guide to selecting the right ski boot for your skill level and skiing style.

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Capture the Moment

By Kaj Bune

Put that fancy video camera to good use this winter by using it as a ski and snowboard training tool.

Beyond Weight Shift

By Lito Tejada-Flores

Learn how to shift your weight, balance on one foot, and make that smooth arcing turn down the ski slope.

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The Widetrack Myth

By Lito Tejada-Flores

Don't trade mobility for stability by getting caught up in the widetrack stance. A narrow ski stance will put you on the path to expert skiing.

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A Sense of Adventure

By Katharine Wroth

A different type of adventure for visually impaired outdoor-lovers. Katharine Wroth explains.

Four Days, Three Nights, and a Hundred Inches

By Jason Lathrop

Witness the Golden Age of snowshoeing, where winter adventure happily collides with comfortable resort escapes designed for the entire family.

Snowboards: Selecting the Right Board

By Visitor

You've taken a lesson or two, rented or demoed a few boards, and now consider yourself a dedicated convert. Now, it's time to buy a board, and here's the stuff that will point you in the right direction.

The Teacher

By Andy Dappen

Veteran Austrian skier schools outdoor journalist Andy Dappen on his home snow.

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