Rock Climbing

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Top 50 Campsites in Texas

By Mike Leggett. Updated by Staff

Be it the deep woods and cypress swamps of East Texas, or the rugged grandeur of Rio Grande canyons, there's something for every camper in Texas

Big Year for Climber Colin Haley

By Gordy Skoog

With difficult routes on Cerro Torre, Huntington, Robson, Denali, and more, in one amazing year, 22-year-old Colin Haley is making his mark in alpine climbing.

New Route on the North Face of the Grand

By Stephen Koch

Good ice conditions in the Tetons this winter enabled Stephen Koch and Hans Johnstone to put up a new route on the north face of the Grand Tetons.

Climbers Mourn Todd Skinner

By Matt Stanley

Noted big-wall climber and free-climbing pioneer Todd Skinner died Sunday while rapelling off a new route he was attempting on the Leaning Tower in Yosemite National Park.

Railay After the Wave

By James Martin

Some of Thailand's favorite climbing areas escaped the full force of the tsunami, and have long since welcomed back their international friends

Lynn Hill

With a record of ascents unrivalled by any other rock climber, Lynn Hill adds the roles of mother, author and Patagonia ambassador to her climbing achievements.

Spring into Yosemite

By Nancy Prichard

Summer in the valley means queuing for routes, heat and busloads of tourists. Beat the rush.

Joshua Tree: A Climbing Mecca

By John Sterling

An April journey to Joshua Tree National Park is an annual rite of spring for most West Coast climbers.

What, Me Climb?

By Annie Getchell

Climb your favorite mountain with Annie Getchell. Learn the ropes, scale new heights and other cliche's included.

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