Video: Wonderland Project

By GreatOutdoors Staff - March 31st, 2005

By Lenticular Pictures: The Wonderland Project is the name two friends gave their shared goal: To run the Wonderland Trail, circumnavigating Washington's Mt. Rainier, in a single 24 hour push. Ultramarathon runners Skye Thompson and Zac West forged their friendship into a critical partnership over two years of training, but things took a bitter turn at mile 60, when one runner was forced to drop out. In a difficult decision, the other decided to push on alone. Join us in watching the story of their partnership in the face of an immense physical and emotional challenge and their record-breaking attempt at the Wonderland Trail. Starring: Skye Thompson & Zac West. Directed by: Riley Morton. With Music by:Peace Orchestra, The Sharpshooters, Tosca, Blue States, Lettuce. The DVD is available at

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