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Devils Thumb Park Loop

By David Nelson

A moderate ride through a picturesque, high-mountain meadow.

Winsor Trail: Good Times, Bad Times

By Craig Martin

The Winsor Trail always gives you a bit of everything, from smooth glides to bone-jarring rocks, from gentle slopes to brake-screeching pitches, from rich aspen forest to thirsty pine woods.

White Rim Trail: Scenic Multi-Day Loop

By David Nelson

The White Rim Trail clings to the precipitous canyon walls on narrow shelf roads, following the Green and Colorado rivers in a loop through the national park.

Two Gems on Ogden's Skyline Trail

By Chris Rice

In the often overlooked city of Ogden lie two exhilarating and challenging segments of the Skyline Trail infrequently traveled and waiting to be explored.

Sedona's Submarine Rock

By Chris Gould

Challenging, dramatic slickrock will make Moab riders envious.

Rocky Hill Ranch: Round Up Your Bikes

By Rick and Becky Youman

A great weekend destination for mountain bikers of all skill levels.

Prescott Won't Disappoint

By Chris Gould

A mountain biking gourmet finds everything he needs for a weekend quota of fun in Prescott, Arizona.

Nine Hot Albuquerque Rides

By Charlie Ervin

From the extinct volcanoes that loom on the West Mesa to the rugged terrain of the Manzano Mountains, Albuquerque offers plenty of places to spin your wheels.

Mt. Elden Thrills

By Chris Gould

The maze of single-track in the
Mt Elden/Dry Lake Hills Trail System is some of the best fat tire terrain in the Arizona.

Mountain Biking at Sandia Peak

By Jeff Everist

Both serious athletes and average riders will enjoy miles of trails for all skill levels.

Mount Lemmon: A Cool Ride

By Chris Gould

The route to the top of Mount Lemmon, outside of Tucson, is a dramatic
example of a sky island's unique environment.

Moab's Slickrock Trail

By David Nelson

Mastering this mountain bike amusement park is about balance, not brute strength.

Long Canyon Loop

By David Nelson

A canyon riding sampler southwest of Moab, Utah.

La Liendre's Fat-tire Ghosts

By Craig Martin

New Mexico 67--an unlikely mountain bike route to a late-nineteenth century ranch town.

Globe Touring Without the Weight

By Chris Gould

A three-day bike tour through scenic Arizona with only the bare essentials. How to go weightless.

Estrella Mountains

By Chris Gould

Estrella Mountain Regional Park offers 30 miles of little-traveled
trails and some spectacular desert scenery. The cool of winter is the best time to ride.

El Nogal Loop

By David Nelson

A moderate to difficult route in Taos country.

Discovering Wildlife at Black Mountain

By Chris Gould

Bike camping with a bike trailer--an-easy-to-go, easy-to pack way to pedal your load and enjoy the sites.

The Olympic Coast

By Lakshmi and Chandra Mouli

The Olympic Peninsula coastline is an ever-changing exhibit of nature and a place for endless exploration.

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

By George Stocking

California sojourn: a face-to-face rendezvous with the oldest living thing on the planet -- the bristlecone pine.

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